My name is Cecile Saintobert. I am French and I live in Sammamish.  I was born in Lille, in the North of France.  

    My strongest passion is baking.  My dad is a pastry chef and he had me involved in baking when I was as young as twelve years old.  My home was right on top of our patisserie ( pastry shop) in France, and I would wake up every morning with the wonderful smell of fresh out of the oven baked goodness.  I would grab a petit pain au chocolat (chocolate croissant), and head straight to school.  When I was back from school, it was straight to the atelier to help dad with all sort of things, such as assembling and decorating individual sized cakes.  You could say I was his apprentice!

I am very grateful to have had a childhood where I had the opportunity to learn from my father’s skills and passion for baking.  This is my legacy and I am following in my father's footsteps. 

I have been living on the Eastside for more than 20 years. I have also lived in many countries such as Mexico, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, United Kingdom, and the U.A.E.  I’m very passionate about art, languages, and cultures.  I took many art classes and just recently took a cake decorating class at Lake Washington Institute of Technology.  

Why did I decide to launch Gateau Plateau, a vegan bakery?


    I recently worked at the Whole Foods bakery in Redmond and realized the increasing demand for vegan cakes.  The demand is driven by the desire to lead a healthier lifestyle, by dietary and cultural considerations, or just for giving it a try.


After two years of working at Whole Foods, I thought to myself, why not bake in the comfort of my home kitchen? 

    So I did and I experimented with several recipes until I found the perfect ones.  I was amazed to find out that vegan cakes can be as good as regular cakes.   I got excited and applied for and received my Cottage Food Permit from Washington State Department of Agriculture allowing me to bake from home and to sell direct to consumers.

    I feel confident in my ability to give you high-quality and very tasty baked goods. I offer vegan cakes that don’t taste vegan.  No one should feel left out for being vegan!  

    My art background allows me to do beautiful works.  My goal is to encourage various culture celebrations and with your help, I will try to create all kind of fun and creative designs.  

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