This is where I will post my latest creativity! 

Feel free to select the design you want for your cupcakes, cakes, and cake pops.

Fun cupcakes & cakes for kids!

Custom Cakes for Kids


Custom 6 & 8 Inch 3 Layer Cakes

Birthday Cake #1

Vegan vanilla cake filled and iced with vegan vanilla frosting.

Birthday Cake #2

Vegan strawberry cake frosted and iced with vegan strawberry frosting.

Birthday Cake # 3 

Vegan chocolate cake filled and iced with vegan chocolate frosting.


Vegan vanilla cake filled with strawberry flavored frosting and iced with vanilla and strawberry frosting.


Vegan chocolate cake filled and frosted with vegan chocolate frosting.

Baby Shower #1

You pick the flavor

Birthday Cake #4

Vegan chocolate cake filled with vegan strawberry frosting and iced with vegan vanilla &strawberry frosting.  


Vegan chocolate cake filled and iced with vegan chocolate frosting and  covered with cocoa powder.

Baby Gender Reveal

Baby Shower #2

You pick the flavor

Custom 4 Inch 3 Layer cake

Halloween 2020

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