Q: Can I customize my cupcakes, cakes, and cake pops?


A: Yes, I will do my best to replicate what you have in mind.  You can email me a picture. I will then get back to you to confirm.  I use buttercream and chocolate- but not fondant.


Q: How many days in advance do I need to place a custom cake order?

A: Two days is preferred.  


Q: Are custom cake orders refundable?

A: No.  Custom cake orders are NON-REFUNDABLE.  I'll show you your cake during pick-up or delivery time.   After that, I can't control what happens after you leave.

Q:  Are your products Halal?


A:  Yes.  I use absolutely no animal products whatsoever and I do not use any alcohol.  I use only vegetable shortening.  None of the coloring or flavoring I use contain any animal products or alcohol.  The Vanilla flavoring I use is Non-Alcoholic (and is organic).   

Q: Since your bakery is from your residential kitchen and not from a commercial kitchen, how  comfortable should I feel to consume your baked goods in terms of food safety?


A: Gateau Plateau follows strict rules under the Cottage Law Permit given by Washington State Department of Agriculture Food Safety & Consumer Services.   For instance, baking kitchen hours are separate from personal kitchen use.  Baking supplies and ingredients are stored in their own designated area.

No pets or children are allowed in the kitchen.  Dishes get sanitized.  only, have access to the kitchen during designated baking time.  No assistant allowed.  Beyond the requirements of the law, I am very particular about food safety and hygiene.  I was professionally trained at the bakery at Whole Foods in all aspects of food safety.  I adhere to the same standards (and more!) in my own kitchen.  Most important during the difficult time we are experiencing at the moment, I wear a mask, gloves, and cover my hair whenever I am in the kitchen.


My kitchen produces items that contain tree nuts, corn, soy and other known allergens. I do my best to reduce the risk of cross-contamination of these items, but if you have concerns or severe allergic reactions to any of the items listed above or included in our comprehensive product ingredient lists, I do not recommend you consume my products. 


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